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Comme Il Faut

Since Comme il Faut – Buenos Aires opened its doors in the Rue des Artisans, it established its dominance with an identity all its own. This historic street of the city, evocative of Paris yet quintessentially Buenos Aires, lined with art galleries and artisan shops, is the ideal place for the design, display, and marketing of Comme il Fautfootwear – heels that aren’t just heels, but unique works of art.

Four years ago, Alicia Muñiz, tango dancer and habitué of the Buenos Aires milongas, started making shoes for herself and her friends, believing that traditional tango shoes lacked attractive designs, while fashion shoes lacked the characteristics dancing requires. In January 2003, she became partners with Raquel Coltrinari, also an habitué of the Buenos Aires milongas, and thus started Comme il Faut (French for “as it must be,” and the title of a classic tango by Eduardo Arolas). Before long, they began to receive orders from top professional dancers and connoisseurs, and from women seeking shoes of the highest quality that draw attention to their feet and show off their legs with sensuality, elegance, and comfort.

The secret lies in the brand’s three pillars: design, quality of materials, and superior craftsmanship, giving the shoes unique characteristics of comfort and reliability on the dance floor. Every pair constitutes an aesthetic object that brings beauty, style, and function into harmony. Designed and made by dancers, for dancers, Comme il Faut offers a unique combination of stability, comfort, and stunning looks, brought together by the good taste of the brand’s designs, its daring use of color, its incorporation of novel textures, and the studied care it gives to proportion. Moreover, each design is produced only in limited quantities, making every customer the collector of an exclusive item.

If the brand is still a young one, it already accounts for a large list of fans, not just in Buenos Aires but all over the world, ensuring that in addition to the proven comfort they offer, “Comme il Faut shoes make women’s legs more beautiful.” Even women who don’t dance have taken notice, and add a chapter to the brand’s success story as they show off their heels on the street.

Surprising, exquisite, feminine, handmade, for women who want to look fantastic and forget about their shoes while they enjoy themselves.

The name of luxury footwear par excellence is Comme il Faut, and the shoes live up to their name: they are “as it must be.”

At the manufacturer's request, we will not show pictures of their shoes on this site. We try our best to describe the shoes in words and we hope that the partial product snapshots will give you a better idea of what the shoes look like.